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RAAQUU Large Tsubomi Ceramic Vase Obvara S/N0000680 13.5" Wide Raku Pottery

RAAQUU Large Tsubomi Ceramic Vase Obvara S/N0000680 13.5" Wide Raku Pottery

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Tsubomi ~ Bud

A mesmerizing sight to behold as soon as the rainbow-like patinas catch your eye. The Tsubomi Vase is a wide Art Series vase that resembles an unopened flower bud. This vase easily becomes a centerpiece in any environment and will definitely be an conversation starter. Made using the raku firing technique, every piece is unique.

Obvara is a firing technique similar to the Raku technique, but the difference is that the vase gets dunked into a special Obvara mixture and then into water. This results in wonderful unpredictable patterns that look almost like animal prints or wood all around the vase. This technique originated from Eastern Europe and is also said to give an antique-like look to a ceramic piece.

The RAAQUU Art Series vases are limited edition pieces that come with their own individual serial numbers and signed certificate of authenticity. These pieces make perfect gifts for ceramic collectors.

Material: Clay, Grogged earthenware

Dimensions (in) : 13.5 x 9.5

Comes with :

1 X RAAQUU Art Series Vase
Certificate of Authenticity
Wooden Base

This vase is not suitable for water storage as it is porous and should be kept indoors. Avoid direct sunlight.

RAAQUU commits 10% of the sales proceeds from this piece will go towards the RAAQUU Coral Project Fund. The RAAQUU Coral Project Fund finances the creation of coral reef attachment ceramic tiles, R&D and operational activities that target coral reef rehabilitation. Read more here. #RAAQUUcoralreeffund
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