The RAAQUU Coral Reef Fund

RAAQUU Coral Reef Fund

The ocean has always been a place close to the heart of the founding team at RAAQUU. Our brand's roots are in Terengganu, Malaysia; a haven of marine life with an abundance of coral reef.

The sad reality is that coral reefs are threatened globally by human activity and climate change causing unprecedented increases of seawater temperature and increased acidification of the ocean. Our team believes that we can contribute towards reducing this impact and assist coral rehabilitation organisations around the world through our expertise in ceramics.

We hereby commit 10% of the sales proceeds from our Art Series and Signature Series pieces towards the RAAQUU Coral Reef Fund.

The RAAQUU Coral Project Fund is managed by our team with the following mandate :

  1. To fund the creation of ceramic coral reef attachment tiles which are provided Free of Charge to coral reef rehabilitation organisations around the world ( They will only cover the cost of shipping ).
  2. Research and development activities related to ceramics for the purpose of coral reef rehabilitation.
  3. To fund operational activity related to Coral Reef Rehabilitation projects with our partners to reduce the burden of cost.

Our efforts to establish this fund is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 : Life Under The Ocean.

In order to ensure that we remain aligned towards the goals of the fund, we have entered into a formal collaboration with the Faculty of Science and Marine Environment at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu.

RAAQUU X UMTOur cooperation is fully aligned with the goals mentioned above and has the potential to achieve real and long-lasting impact.

We would like to thank Assoc. Prof. Dr. Faridah Mohamad and Dr. Tan Chun Hong (James) from the Faculty of Science and Marine Environment at UMT, with whom we will be working closely on this project.

Please follow our Instagram page @raaquuceramics and hashtag #RAAQUUcoralreeffund for updates and key activities.

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