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3 Pack Hikari Ceramic Raku Pottery Vases

3 Pack Hikari Ceramic Raku Pottery Vases

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You get 3 units in thefinish of your choice.

Hikari ( 光 ) ~ (n) light

This Hikari Vase is a circular thrown vase with a wide uneven mouth and small round base. Its miniature shape exudes a sense of flow, making it easy to blend into any decor style.

It could be used as a decorative piece on its own or part of a collection of similar-sized vases, or as an elegant holder of any dry decorative additions like potpourri or dried flowers.

Material: Clay, Grogged earthenware

This vase is not suitable for water storage as it is porous and should be kept indoors. Avoid direct sunlight.

Dimensions: 7.5 cm (H) x 10 cm (W)

Available in six different finishes : Smoked Raku, Half Copper Matte, Full Copper Matte, Obvara, Tape Resist, and Carbon Copper.

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