Our first 50 Art Series NFTs are launched!

Pronouned “rah-ku”. It is a play on the word Raku which is a Japanese ceramic technique used in creating a unique finish on pottery.

This is a milestone for us. Our vision was to grow the awareness of Raku fired pottery around the world. We seek to nurture both the offline and online version of this experience.

Every RAAQUU piece is truly unique. Handcrafted in Malaysia, the coloration process is guided but cannot truly be predicted resulting in an unconventional rainbow matte finish. These vases are handmade by Adil Ghani, a ceramic craftsman with more than 15 years of experience specializing in raku firing.

Each NFT is a real life 360 degree recording of a RAAQUU vase. Every NFT in this collection is one of a kind and will only be sold once. You can own both the real piece and the NFT to be part of our community of ceramic art enthusiasts.


Join us at our discord channel to learn more about this unique ceramic NFT project : https://discord.gg/GEVEKW9h8

NFT collection here : https://opensea.io/collection/raaquu-ceramic-art-collection

50 Art Series Vases digitalized and minted in a 1 of 1 collection. Each piece is unique, collectible and will enable you to participate as a member in our Discord community.

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