An Introduction to Fishnure : Sustainably Sourced Humus Compost Plant Fertilizer

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Fishnure, a sustainable organic humus compost, for our Tsuchi Planter Pot Set buyers. 

Tsuchi Planter Pot set

Fishnure is a sustainably sourced, organic and chemical free plant fertilizer that is made from Fish Manure. It is a living compost that provides all the nutrient a plant needs naturally from the organic processes already established in nature.

Fishnure 8lb

Fishnure is odorless, easy to apply and effective in helping your indoor plants stay healthy and grow. Here are some of the benefits :

  • Organic, Natural, Non-chemical Plant Nutrition.
  • Increased yield and growth.
  • No Odor - suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Increased aeration, water holding capacity and soil fertility.
  • Increased organic matter content of the soil.
  • Enhanced plant disease suppression.
  • Increased microbial life - higher bioavailability of nutrients.

We would like to introduce Fishnure to our USA based buyers ( Fishnure only ships to the USA currently ) and give you 5% off your first purchase with the checkout code : RAAQUUFISHNURE

Fishnure is the perfect fertilizer to add to our Tsuchi Planter Pot set to keep your cacti, succulents and indoor plants green and growing!

Please click here to learn more about their wonderful product and to place your order.

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