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RAAQUU 37.5" Grand Floor Twin Pair Vases PREORDER Raku Ceramic Pottery

RAAQUU 37.5" Grand Floor Twin Pair Vases PREORDER Raku Ceramic Pottery

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Gentle Reminder for this Pre-order piece:

Dear buyer, if you're planning on gifting a RAAQUU piece, do keep in mind to make your order at least 2 weeks before the intended date you'd like the piece(s) to be received. I am grateful for your support.

The Grand Vase is a 37.5 inch tall Art Series piece that is fired in the signature RAAQUU full copper matte finish. Be it in your living room or as a pair greeting your guests at entrances, the Grand Vase is a piece that will becomes a unique part of your visual experience. Each Grand Vase is a feat of its own due to the technical challenges of raku firing a piece at this size.

Every Grand vase is handmade and raku fired by RAAQUU.

Price already includes shipping cost of a 50kg wooden crate worldwide. ( This does not include tax. )

Material: Clay, Grogged earthenware

Dimensions (cm): 95 x 38 (37.5in x 15in)

Comes with :

2 X RAAQUU Grand Vase
Certificate of Authenticity

This vase is not suitable for water storage as it is porous and should be kept indoors. Avoid direct sunlight.

RAAQUU commits 10% of the sales proceeds from this piece will go towards the RAAQUU Coral Project Fund. The RAAQUU Coral Project Fund finances the creation of coral reef attachment ceramic tiles, R&D and operational activities that target coral reef rehabilitation. Read more here. #RAAQUUcoralreeffund

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