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Keihatsu tealight, candle and incense ceramic holder

Keihatsu tealight, candle and incense ceramic holder

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Keihatsu 啓発 - Enlightenment

Our Keihatsu tealight, candle and incense holder makes a perfect accessory to an office, bath, workspace or table. Its geometrical form is both functional, aesthetic and one of a kind. You can use it as a set of one, two or three pieces together for a combined effect of light and scent.

Choose from one unit, a pair, or a set of three from the dropdown selector.

Size : 6cm high x 7.5cm length x 6.5 cm width

  • Fits Candle width : up to 2.4 cm
  • Fits Tealight width : up to 4.4 cm

Material: Clay, Grogged earthenware

Available in 4 different finishes : Smoked Raku, Half Copper Matte, Obvara, and Carbon Copper.

RAAQUU Care Guide:

This candle holder is not suitable for water storage as it is porous and should be kept indoors. Avoid direct sunlight.

**Kindly note that the item you receive may differ from the photo on this listing. Please allow for slight variations in measurement and shapes for each ceramic piece as they are all custom handmade. Even the glaze and shades will not be exactly the same. Every piece is one of its kind and that's the beauty of owning a RAAQUU piece.

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