RAAQUU Pottery Art Vases featured at SECRET SPACES, Venice - RAAQUU

RAAQUU Pottery Art Vases featured at SECRET SPACES, Venice

2 Months ago, I was approached by the team at ITSLIQUID GROUP to consider participation in SECRET SPACES; an art exhibition based on the following concept :

The concept of SECRET SPACES explores the hybridization among art, culture, physical and social identities in contemporary times, by providing an immersive experience inside the complex labyrinths of our consciousness: the human body is a changing system that connects us with other bodies and spaces to perceive the surrounding reality, a strong communication system with its own language and infinite ways of expression. By breaking down traditional boundaries between body and space, individual and collective, artists explore and create new hybrid spaces that challenge their own identity to discover new facets of themselves and push beyond the traditional notions of self and identity.

RAAQUU @ Secret Spaces, Venice

I greatly appreciated the opportunity presented to us by ITSLIQUID Group to showcase our work to a greater audience. The SECRET SPACES Exhibition is part of the 2023 Borders Art Fair held at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, Venice, Italy.

RAAQUU @ Secret Spaces, Venice

For this exhibition, I selected three of my works that represent the spontaneity, joy, color and individuality of RAAQUU.

RAAQUU @ Secret Spaces, Venice

There are 2 oval vases and 1 globe vase on display which have a striking splash of color in contrast to their contemporary shapes. 

My work uses a hybrid technique that has its roots in a traditional Japanese ceramic technique that combines a more western approach to produce the rainbow of colors. Every RAAQUU piece embodies a cross cultural , global and human approach to ceramic art. The colors of each piece also speaks to a very primal and human core that seeks individuality, beauty and attraction.

RAAQUU @ Secret Spaces, Venice

I believe this was a great alignment of concept and artwork for Secret Spaces.

I am truly honored to have my work creating inspiration and joy for all participants of this prestigious event.

Read about the event summary here

Photo credits : ITSLIQUID GROUP

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