Painted by Fire

RAAQUU is a Malaysian brand founded by Adil Ghani in 2020. Specializing in the raku copper matte finish, each piece is handmade and one of a kind.

Raku copper matte pottery is a highly skilled, manual and precise process. It is not widely practiced unpredictability, required precision and spontaneity of the process.

These are the hallmarks of RAAQUU.

Bottle Shaped Raku Pottery Vases

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Raku ceramic pottery gift sets and promotion packs

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Raku ceramic candles and candle holders

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Uniquely Shaped Raku Pottery Vases

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Raku bowls and container shaped vases

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Limited Edition Raku Globe Vases

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Limited Edition Raku Oval Vases

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Raku pottery gift boxes and corporate giveaways

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Raku pottery planters and pots

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Limited edition raku pottery urns

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Limited edition unique pottery vases

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Giant Raku pottery vases

Raku SIGNATURE sculptures and centerpieces

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